Dental Practice Management Consulting & Coaching At It’s Finest

dental analyticsFree Performance Analysis

2740 Dental practice consulting prefers our clients get to know us. And vice-versa. That’s why we begin consulting with a free Performance Analysis. Looking into the history of your dental practice allows us to evaluate what’s come and gone, and get an idea of where we want to go. This gives 2740 Consulting and you a platform for creating a strategy that we all agree is attainable, realistic and quantifiable.

The one hour teleconference will be moderated by a Certified 2740 Consultant. The session will be customized to your unique dental practice management needs. We’ll use the teleconference to find and refine the challenges and opportunities that exist within your business. You will also explore available concepts to increase individual and organizational effectiveness.

denta office consulting2740 Consulting focuses on two vital components for your consulting team.

  1. A dedicated consultant
  2. A dedicated coach



The performance analysis is for strategic planning. It’s the first step to developing a foundation for understanding what you and your business should expect regarding the following.

  1. dental consultingEnrollment and Initial Services. You sign an agreement. You’re ready to go. During this step, Strain gathers necessary data about the practice, your people and you. We compile the information into a comprehensive analysis.
  2. On-site Visit. Your consultant spends two days at the practice with your people. The visits help us to see daily business operations. Once we are in possession of the data and a visualization of day-to-day business realities, we’ll meet again to develop a personalized initial strategy for achieving growth and excellence. This strategy will be presented to your team.
  3. Continuing Services. Now you receive the training and tools needed to execute the strategy and empower team members to take ownership as experts. There will be weekly engagement with your Practice Development Coach and monthly ones with your Dental Practice Consultant. 2740 dental business consulting management will review the process frequently, ensuring the system is not only properly implemented but supporting policies are generating expected results.