Improve Dental Office Collections

Our hands-on, in-person training can increase your collection of your production to 98.6% or higher.

You should be paid for your work
Is your office collecting all of your patients’ billings? Neglected collections can start to add up. Just a 3% collections loss on an $100,000 per month practice is almost $30,000 lost each year. Collections are crucial to any dental health business.

dental office collections consultantsIf you notice any of the following happening in your dental business, you may have a poor collections system:

  • Patient balances past 90 days are increasing
  • A considerable sum of insurance outstanding past 30 days
  • Insurance that is past 30 days is not followed up
  • Accounts receivable is more than 1 times monthly average production
  • Co-pays are not collected by staff at time-of-service
  • Patients are scheduled for appointments before financial arrangements are made
  • less than 98% of NET (collectible) production is collected over a 12-month period

Fortunately, these obstacles to success can be smoothed out with the best dental consultants.

Our Dental Consultants improve billing collections

If 2740 Dental Consulting is hired to better your business, we will send out a Front-Desk Consultant with our main dental consultant to help with dental practice management. While you are working with our main consultant, our Front-Desk Consultant will be working with your front-desk staff. Our highly experienced Front-Desk Consultant will spend three days with your front desk staff to observe already implemented practices and train staff on additional scheduling and collection techniques. This training will include hands-on and real-time coaching so your staff can immediately apply the new techniques and you will see an immediate improvement.

2740 dental consultingNot every office is the same and there can be a vast number of reasons why billings are not being consistently collected. This is why our dental collections consultants takes the time to get to know your staff and office procedures before offering professional advice.

If our coaching is continuously applied, you will continue to see the increase in your dental office’s collections and finally have access to all your earned money.